Motivation to Cycle

Whether you cycle to lose weight, get exercise or simply because you enjoy it, there comes a time where everyone feels burnt out, in anything they do. Even athletes and pro’s reach their max. It’s important to remember not every time you have a decrease in morale needs to slow you down. I have often used some of these tricks to help give myself an extra boost when it comes to finding that motivation to get on the bike again and hopefully some will work for you too. Still, make sure to listen to your body/mind and if it’s screaming at you that it needs to take a break, do just that. 

Talk to yourself

Day to day life can become overwhelming, be kind to yourself and bring home the truth of all the things you do already and how strong you are for the day to day things that may not seem like a lot at the time. These things can all factor up and increase your stress levels, making you tired and unmotivated. Instead of being disappointed at yourself, asking why you aren’t cycling, ask why you have stopped? Has something significant happened to make you want to take a break? Are you pushing yourself too hard lately? “In this game, everyone needs a break to refuel, recharge, and jump back in full throttle.” It’s not always a negative thing to take a break when you need one, for whatever reason. 

Remember why you started riding in the first place

A hobby is supposed to be an enjoyable release from reality. Something to take your mind away from whatever may be worrying you. The great thing about a hobby is that you can’t fake it, you either enjoy it or you don’t. Try to put yourself back in the headspace of why you have chosen cycling, how it makes you feel and how you want that feeling back. “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.”

Don’t over think

Sometimes out of sight out of mind is the best policy, get up, put on your trainers and start riding. You will be surprised at how much you enjoy yourself once you’ve overcome the hardest obstacle of simply jumping up and doing what you may not feel like. Maybe put on your most comfortable cycling outfit, or try a different route that you may not have before. The views you find on a bike ride are unparalleled to most other sports, in the palm of your hand with a simple pedal. Try taking up a cycling buddy so you’re not just accountable for yourself, but another person. 

Reward yourself

There will be plenty of times where you don’t feel like gearing up for a ride. Try and break your negative thoughts and start rewarding yourself by pairing your rides with something else you enjoy. Plan a nice coffee trip after your ride, or a social activity, anything you enjoy. The more we pair things that are harder to do with things we want to do, the more likely we are to do it.

Keep track of your progress

Make marks on your calendar or log in a cycling app each time you ride, with a note saying how you felt after. It’s a visual reminder that you’re getting your mojo back. As you break the habit of not riding and getting back into routine, you’ll begin to feel so good that you won’t want to break your riding streaks again. 

You can always hop online when you’re feeling demotivated, connect with other riders, read inspirational quotes. There’s countless ways to try to help with motivation, however remember to never be too hard on yourself and enjoy the ride.