Experience the smoothest, easiest and effortlessly enjoyable ride with our range of single speed bikes. Oliver cycling bikes are sleek, stylish and lightweight, making a bike ride like no other. Award-winning design and quality, our bikes are the perfect addition to your cycling journey, regardless of the occasion. Sustainably made, we’re committed to protecting the environment we love to ride through. Experience our range of single speed bikes today, and see how easy they are to maintain and use. Jump on and ride off tomorrow, with next day delivery!


A single speed bike offers a simpler riding experience. They are perfect for those commuting or exploring the city. They have fewer components, which means that they are cost effective as they require less maintenance. Single speed bikes are lighter (ours weigh less than 11kg) and make almost no noise when ridden and are very stylish, with a clean, stripped-down minimalist look.

Yes! Unlike other bike brands, we sell our bikes ready-to-ride. Our bikes come with rechargeable front and back LED lights, a bottle cage so you can effortlessly stay hydrated and a bell to alert others of your presence. You can be on the road riding with all the essentials, in no time.

Oliver takes pride in all of its bikes weighing in under 11kg, perfect for everyday commuting, storing and carrying. Our bikes are light-weight, which makes for smooth effortless riding

Bike covers are a necessity for most! They’re perfect for keeping yourself, your car and your home clean. After a ride, slip the bike cover over your wheels and you’re free to carry and store your bike without worrying about dirtying your clothes, your car or your home. Bike covers are machine washable and can be used an infinite amount of times. Our bike cover fits 99% of bikes

Your bike will arrive 80% assembled. You will need to assemble the final pieces to get your bike road ready. Your bike comes with all the tools needed, a multispanner and Allen-Keys, to assist you when assembling. Instructions are included with your bike, or you can see our assemble guide.

Urban-City 2.0 is the updated version, with new stylish colours and a slightly sleeker design. Urban-City 2.0 weighs less allowing for a smoother experience allround. Both versions are single-speed and therefore perfect for commuting, exploring and having fun!

Upon receipt of your order, your bike will be shipped the same working day, (excluding bank holidays and weekends.) Please then allow up to 5-10 working days for our courier service to deliver your bike.

In the event that you are unhappy with your order please contact or fill in our online returns form. We only accept returns, within 14days, on faulty and unused products. Items must return back to us in the same condition they were received.

Bike sizes vary between different types of bikes and there are various factors that affect what size you will need. We have taken all the hard work out of size selection by categorising our bikes based on rider height. You'll find those heights on each of the bike pages, as well as our size guide.

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