Cycling in the City

The UK is becoming more and more popular when it comes to its residents opting out of the ever increasing petrol prices, and slow moving traffic, trying out a new, better for the environment and health way of travelling, cycling. 
With the number of riders and bicycle sales soaring by around 70% since march, and public transport being off-limits to most people, many towns and cities are making their streets more accessible for those wanting to walk and bike. 
Biking through a city, with its busy roads and persistent pedestrians, scares a lot of people. We admit, the thought of it can sound daunting but it’s not as complicated or as dangerous as it seems. Being in a city means a higher congestion of both people and cars, and it feels like things could go horribly wrong at any moment. However Once after learning a few rules and getting used to  how drivers in the city tend to behave, we’ve found cycling in the city becomes more pleasant and predictable than it is scary. The same goes for any city. Once you’re comfortable, you’ll forget about the dangers and just enjoy yourself.


Know your cities rules

Can you ride on the pavement in your city? Is it legally safe to pass a car on the left side when you’re on a bike? Like driving, every city has a different set of laws for cyclists, so it’s worth always checking up on them to make sure you’re fully up to date. For the UK readers you can read these at


Assume every driver doesn't see you

Like anything, cycling safety is all about being aware of the world around you. Since most bike lanes are on the right side of the road,  assume every single car next to you or in front of you is potentially turning right, and never ride anywhere near their blind spot or so fast that you can’t stop immediately. 


Keep a bicycle repair Kit on you at all times (and know how to use it)

If you’re going to ride further than you’re willing to walk your bike back home, you want a repair kit. This typically just includes a patch kit for repairing tires, but a good one includes more than that.

Here’s the basics of what you want to own:

  • Tire Levers
  • Patch Kit
  • Hand Pump
  • Spare Tube
  • Muliti Tool


Lock up your bike properly

Bikes get stolen all the time. It’s just one of those things that’s bound to happen, especially riding around a city centre. If you’re going to commute around, hit up restaurants, and basically use your bike like a car, then you really need to lock your bike up correctly.

As with any hobby, there are dozens of other things to think about and learn. But all that stuff depends on what type of biking you want to do. As you get used to biking around in the city, you will become more and more confident.