All about Oliver Cycling

Who are we?

Oliver was born with the aim to get the country cycling. With ever increasing prices we want to make riding more accessible for everyone and try to keep our prices as low as possible, without lowering our quality. We are currently based and manufactured  in Manchester, UK and ship all of our components from China. The environment is at the forefront of our designs from our environmentally friendly paint, to our recycled cardboard packaging.

What do we sell?

We currently offer a range of single speed city bikes perfect for commuters on their way to work, cutting out traffic while helping the environment. Our Urban City 2.0 is available in three crisp, sleek colours being  Comfortable, reliable, and lightweight. If you want to stand out though we also offer our bestseller, Urban city Retro. It’s the same fun, low maintenance and track inspired speedster, but with a classic vintage twist. Award-winning quality at an affordable price. We also sell bottles and bike covers to quench your thirst and to stop your bikes bringing in unnecessary dirt and mud into your home as being keen riders ourselves, we know how annoying this is. 

What is a Single Speed Bike?

A single-speed bike is a type of bicycle that has only one gear ratio, with no shifters or derailleur hangers. While these days it's common for "single speed" lingo to simply refer to a single speed road bike, there are in fact many types of single speed bikes—BMX bikes, track bikes, fixed road bikes, mountain bikes.

Why would you choose a single speed bike?

For those that ride a single speed with a freewheel, there are many advantages of going with one gear—price, weight, maintenance and ease of use. There is physically less to a single speed, less moving parts that require an initial outlay and ongoing maintenance, accounting for reduced cost and weight on the frame. Riders often enjoy the simplicity of single speed bikes. If you want to go faster, you pedal faster. With a freewheel there's really not much thought required to ride from A to B. Depending on where you ride, opting for a single speed as a commuter bike can be an easy way to integrate a workout into your day without needing to make any extra time. You want to get up that hill? Guess what—you're going to have to get those legs moving and step-up the pace. The reward of knowing that you've used only your legs to overcome the hill is well worth the short-term struggle. 

What do our bikes include?

We want to get you up and riding as soon as possible so all of our bikes arrive with front and rear rechargeable lights, a bottle cage holder and bell. If you want to take it that step further we also offer our Ready-to-Ride sets which also include one of our Oliver bottles and a bike cover. 

Who do we ship with?

After careful consideration we have chosen to ship all of our parcels with DHL who deliver your parcel within two days in perfect condition. 

What size should I get? 

The best way to find out which bike would be perfect for you is to measure your height and inner thigh and look at our size specification. If you are still having issues we are always happy to help. 

Do our bikes come assembled?

To make sure your bike arrives to you in perfect condition we ship our bikes 80% assembled. You do have to apply components such as your front wheel, handlebars ect. Rest assured we have a handy instruction guide on our website with a toolkit inside with everything you need to get reading. 

We hope this blog answers some of the questions you may have. Feel free to email us with any more you may have, we are always happy to hear from you!